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Why Not Doing Company Retreat in One Day.

Identify User & Problem

We believe that "Design Thinking" is about a mindset change. Helping the participants develop a Mindset, we developed a special LDT tool and different educational programs.

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ImpactX event

Brainstorn New Ideas

Social Entrepreneurial Mindset is essential for facing the future challenge. Everyone can be a changemaker, actually, we need everyone to be a changemaker in order to solve the wicked social problems. You can be social entrepreneurial even working for a company, or even a student.

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ImpactX design thinking workshop

Test & Validate

Founded at 2017 in Hong Kong, as a social enterprise, ImpactX is dedicated in growing with other social enterprise together, especially the early stage idea.

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Upcoming Program

For the design thinking practitioner, it is a 3-Days (2 hours per day) online program for you to practice the design thinking mindset work with real user make a social impact on the deaf.

*50% Ticket fee will directly donate to the NGO, SLCO Community Resources 語橋社資

Day 1: 9 Jan, 10am - 12nn (Sharing by SLCO and knowing your team)
Day 2: 16 Jan, 10am - 12nn (Idea development and talk with the user)
Day 3: 23 Jan, 10am - 12nn (Idea validation and present to the user)

Online (via MURAL and Airmeet), Language Cantonese, Interact with real users


Design Thinking Mindset

Design Thinking approach is not just a tool / design process / skill. We believe that it is a mindset change for everyone to be a Design Thinker. It a mindset about human centered empathy, problem solving, thinking design as a lifestyle.

We organize online and offline training workshop for nurturing the participants with a design thinking mindset.

For facilitating the design thinking process, we developed our own Lean Design Thinking (LDT) Tool, which is available online (Global) and offline (Hong Kong) as a human centric design thinking process. Group of people will work as team members to practice the process, generating ideas and finding human needs of the real users to create new ideas on products / services. They will walk through the process design in several times which is non linear. At the final stage, we need to use design thinking to find the desirable from a human and understnding of the problem. It will not be just an introduction to design thinking, but a practical group experience with one another.

Background of design thinking. For solving problems in a new way, IDEO's Tim Brown and david kelley created the deisgn thinking process to help their clients on creating new products and services. He talked about technologically feasible and economically viable. Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University is another well-known place for design thinking according to its background on teaching design thinking as

Our previous clients includes: Airbnb, PolyU Hong Kong, Good Lab, etc.

So, what is Design Thinking Mindest?

"Social Impact Experiences have changed the way people fall in love with a city. I'm thrilled to collaborate with ImpactX and their inspiring volunteers & students to showcase the wonderful initiatives of Hong Kong NGOs."

Stephanie Hong, Market Manager, Social Impact Experiences of Airbnb

"V'air Hong Kong aims to provide an advance experience of environmental education for Hong Kong students. I'm so amazed that ImpactX offers us an effective and efficient way to evaluate our products' performance, igniting us to have greater leverage in the future. "

Edward Choi, Director of Policy Research Team, V'air Hong Kong

Lean Design Thinking (LDT) Tool

Lean Design Thinking tool is developed in 2020 based on design thinking and lean method in order to mix the goods of both thinking methods.

Reference articles:
1. Lean Design Thinking: Maximize the Human Value
2. Lean Design Thinking -How to start from zero? Use the LDT Canva.

By combining the above two tools, Lean Design Thinking allows adopters to identify the problems at a user's standpoint and learn through failures. Adopters will be able to understand the users' painpoints and build a user-centric solution. Also, this speeds up the process of idea generation and helps adopters to know whether the product succeeds/fails at the very beginning then start again.

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(Social) Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Mindset includes Decisiveness, Confidence, Accountability, Resilience, Humility. Adding "Social" on it, Social Entrepreneurial Mindset is caring and passionate on change as well. Different from fixed mindset, it is a growth mindset.

We believe Social Entrepreneurial Mindset is essential for facing the future challenge. Everyone can be a changemaker, actually, we need everyone to be a changemaker in order to solve the wicked social problems. It doesn't mean that you have to start your social enterprise. You can be social entrepreneurial even working for a company, or even a student. We can tailor made a program for your needs in order to cultivating the social entrepreneurial mindset.

To sum up, Social Entrepreneurship / Social Entrepreneurial Mindset is:

Seeking Opportunity
Embrace Failure
Focus on Execution
Critical Thinking
Self Reliance
Social Responsibility

Key elements in our programm
- Understanding what is social entrepreneurship
- Idea generation for solving social problems and making changes
- Meet and talk the with social entrepreneurs or the disadvantaged (based in Hong Kong, but not limited to)

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Supporting Impact Ventures

As a venture builder model, we dont invest capital, but invest our skill. According to our observation in Hong Kong, one of the key factors why social enterprise fail is that they do what they want to do, but not providing what the customer want.

As a design thinker and changemaker based in Hong Kong, we help at the idea generation and validation stage. It ensure that the idea is problem solution fit and worth to move on to the next stage. Not limited to Hong Kong, we work globally via online meeting.


Enabler, (noun.) a peron or thing that makes something possible.

IMPACT ENABLER is a platform allows individual to contribute their knowledge and experience to the impact organization in need, e.g. school, NGOs, Social Enterprise, incubator / accelerators.

We want to decentralize the businss network to enable the meaningful and impactful initiatives.

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