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"V'air Hong Kong aims to provide an advance experience of environmental education for Hong Kong students. I'm so amazed that ImpactX offers us an effective and efficient way to evaluate our products' performance, igniting us to have greater leverage in the future. "
V'air Hong Kong
“Design thinking is definitely a useful skills for youths nowadays as innovation is becoming the next buzz word for many rising business opportunities. I am thrilled to learn that ImpactX is making this thinking tool accessible to many through their interactive and engaging workshops. “
"Social Impact Experiences have changed the way people fall in love with a city. I'm thrilled to collaborate with ImpactX and their inspiring volunteers & students to showcase the wonderful initiatives of Hong Kong NGOs."

Founded in 2017,
We Help Clients to Develop
Impactful New Ideas by Training & Workshops.

Why Not Doing Company Retreat in One Day.

We Believe Design Thinking Mindset is
Essential for a Better World.

It includes Empathy, Creative Confidence, Experiment Spirit.

Idea Development is ...

“Let’s brainstorm something new!”

We always hear about this in a team meeting or when you are attending a Hackathon, and everyone is looking something “new.”

Then you started to discuss with others and think about what to do.

However, we usually create some boring ideas or even create nothing. Why? Because idea development process is quite different with our usual mindset and our brain is lazy. As the book Think, Fast and Slow said, 95% of our decision based on the system 1, intuition.

That's why you need an outsider to help.

3 Key steps in Idea Development:

social entrepreneurship, seeking opportunity
Identify the User & Problem
social entrepreneurship, embrace failure
Brainstorm New Ideas
social entrepreneurship, focus on execution
Validate & Test

Design Thinking Mindset:
Empathy Creative Confidence, Experiment Spirit.

Design Thinking is not just a tool / design process / skill. It is a mindset and it is an essetial mindset to have a better world. Design Thinking Mindset includes Empathy, Creative Confidence, and Experiment Spirit.

Empathy is not an ability to know others feeling. It is an awareness to remind yourself that actually you know nothing and that’s the reason why you should always share what you feel and ask others what they feel.

Creative Confidence
Having confidence in creativity doesn't mean that you can draw something beautiful. It means that even you draw worst, you are still willing to illustrate and not afraid to share with others.

Experiment Spirit
Experiment means two things, one is execution, another is embrace failure. Both of them are difficult to human being. It takes brave to try something new and kick start the execution. Usually we plan a lot. If you want to develop an successful idea, I suggest you to plan less and act more.

Support Impact Ventures as Mentor & Coach

According to our observation in Hong Kong, one of the key factors why social enterprise fail is that they do what they want to do, but not providing what the customer want.

As a design thinker and changemaker based in Hong Kong, we help at the idea generation and validation stage. It ensure that the idea is problem solution fit and worth to move on to the next stage.

Not limited to Hong Kong, we work globally via online meeting.

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Enabler, (noun.) a peron or thing that makes something possible.

IMPACT ENABLER is a platform allows individual to contribute their knowledge and experience to the impact organization in need, e.g. school, NGOs, Social Enterprise, incubator / accelerators.

We want to decentralize the businss network to enable the meaningful and impactful initiatives.

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