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Targeting the "SDG 17: Partnership for the goals", ImpactX brings you the Lean Design Thinking method to co-create new venture / solutions, encourage corporate participation, and educate our next generation how to be human centric and how to fail. We do workshop, facilitation, tailor-made project, etc.


Lean design thinking.


Design Thinking is a powerful mindset to create innovative solution. However, as a human-being, we tends to believe we are on the right track and we afraid to be fail, especially when we spend much time to do research. We believe in what we believe. Therefore, it is difficult to implement design thinking as a beginner.

More article about Lean Design Thinking:

1. https://medium.com/@cyronchan/lean-design-thinking-maximize-the-human-value-50acf3cb69c7

2. https://medium.com/@cyronchan/lean-design-thinking-how-to-start-from-zero-use-the-ldt-canva-3a90686d5988


Lean Design Thinking is a new framework, which combines the value of Design Thinking and Lean method, for beginner to create innovative solution. It emphasise on maximising the human value and learn to fail. 

It can be used on:

  • build new venture.

  • facilitate co-creation.

  • innovate education.


CASE study// industry

CASE study// industry

join the taster workshop to experience Lean design thinking.

What you will get from the workshop?

- How to co-create with a team in an effective & efficient way

- How to use Lean Desing Thinking Tool

- Meet like-minded people!


our service.



To train the participants what is Lean Design Thinking and how to conduct a Lean Design Thinking workshop. Also, workshop can be facilitation on a specific topic and help participants to create ideas.

corporate project

Tailor made project for corporate client. Based on the specific goal and needs, we can plan and execute project on corporate social innovation or innovative education program. Previous clients included Airbnb, Goodlab.

our Previous Clients.


our team

Cyron chan

Co-founder & managing director

Cyron Chan is passionate in driving changes and hence founded ImpactX to co-create a better world through teaching Lean Design Thinking and helping corporate to create social impact. He has more than 7-year experience in NGOs/ social enterprise and around 3-year experience in start-up incubation. With his expertise in the area, he is also a mentor in Junior Achievement HK, Enactus, etc.


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