Design Thinking Mindset.
Awareness, As We Are Born Self-Centered.
Instead of saying it is an ability, We believe that it is awareness. The awareness of you know nothing about others feeling.

It is common to say that

“I had experienced it before, so I know what you feel.” For example, when you just broke up with your girlfriend, your brother may tell you, “Don’t be sad! I know your feeling. I had been broken up with someone before!” However, does he feels what you feel? Is it the same thing? Usually, we judge others by our experience/feeling. If you are talkative, you think it is easy to do a presentation in the classroom. In contrast, for Introvert people, it is the most challenging thing in their life.

Therefore, Empathy is not an ability to know others feeling. It is an awareness to remind yourself that actually you know nothing and that’s the reason why you should always share what you feel and ask others what they feel.
Creative Confidence
All about confidence, not about art.
Why we lost confidence?

It is because when we are growing up, our society teaching us many many rules and regulations. Our family told us what we should do, what we should not do. Times to times, we started to build a model for ourselves. We have a role model to follow, and we think a lot before we do. We are being trained to lose confidence, especially in Asian culture.

We need a “face.”

However, the cost is that we afraid to fail, and we cannot create something creative or innovative. It is risky to try. It is scary to be the one who draws ugly. Then we started to think a lot and stopped being creative. We want to be perfect.
Experiment Spirit
Embrace Failure and be a scientist.
It is okay to be not okay.

When we are young and studying science in secondary school, we did many many experiments in class. It is because we don't afraid the experiment fail. We think that it is okay to fail.

When we are growing up, we lost the confidence to fail and we tried to avoid it. We try to reduce any risk we are facing. In doing experiment, you should embrace it, instead of avoid it. Does that mean embracing failure? When you encountered a fail try, you can test yourself

“Oh yes, it is failing. Then why? and What’s next?”

This is the spirit of experimentation.
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