What is Impact Enabler Platform?

Powered by ImpactX, Impact Enabler Platform is a B2B platform to enable the impact initiatives, e.g. NGO, School, Incubator / Accelerator, by offering a open and shared mentor pool.

It is a FREE of charge service.

Only registered organization can access to the mentor pool and request for support.

Why we initiate this Free Platform?

We believe that the impact initiatives should focus on the serving but not networking.

We see that the mentor supports is always the most valuable part for an impact initiatives. It brings knowledge, experience, and resources to support the initiatives. However, it is time consuming to develop a mentor pool and expand the mentor network. Therefore, we would like to decentralized the mentor resources and build a platform open to all registered organization. So that they can put more effort on their impactul programs.

How it works?

For individual, you can register as enabler and your information will be listed in the mentor pool for the impact initiatives.

However, we will keep your contact information confidentially. Unless we have your consent to connect, we will not disclose your contact information.

For impact initiatives (e.g. NGO, School, incubator/accelerator), you can register an organization account to access the mentor pool.

Join the movement

I am an individual and joining as an EnablerWe are an organization and joining to gain support