Why lean design thinking

Maximising Human Value; Learn How to Fail


Design thinking is a long progress to study the customer and do research. However, the longer time we spend, the stronger believe on "successful". It's because we afraid to fail, but "fail" is a key element of "success".

Hence, ImpactX combine lean method into design thinking process. It pushes people to"fail" as soon as possible and
talk with customer at the very early stage, thus, learn to fail and move on.

what is lean design thinking?

Lean Design Thinking is developed based on design thinking and lean method in order to mix the goods of both thinking methods. 

Design thinking

Design Thinking focuses on empathy on the users. The method emphasises on building a full portfolio of the users based on their needs, problems, behaviours, etc. Through this, the most pressing problem is then chosen to be solved. Design thinking enables adopters to brainstorm a wide variety of possible ideas.

Lean method

Lean method is a blueprint for running a startup. A Minimum Viable Product will be developed, followed by ways to measure the success and finally a feedback loop is built to improve the product. The emphasis in the method is to validate the ideas through evidence and hence learn from trial and errors.

By combining the above two tools, Lean Design Thinking allows adopters to identify the problems at a user's standpoint and learn through failures. Adopters will be able to understand the users' painpoints and build a user-centric solution. Also, this speeds up the process of idea generation and helps adopters to know whether the product succeeds/fails at the very beginning then start again.

lean Design thinking

who is suitable?

  • Internal innovation

  • Employee training

  • Innovative education

  • Problem-solving

  • Build new ventures

  • Validate ideas

join the taster workshop to experience Lean design thinking.

What you will get from the workshop?

- How to co-create with a team in an effective & efficient way

- How to use Lean Desing Thinking Tool

- Meet like-minded people!

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